Pain & Injury Help

A collection of videos to help you if you're in pain or have an injury, from our team at goPhysio.

  Simple Self Massage and Trigger Point Release Techniques

Physio Maddie talks you through some great ways to ease pain and tension that you may be feeling, with massage and trigger pointing techniques.

  Achilles Tendinopathy Exercises

Join Physio Hugo for some exercises which will help you if you have achilles tendiopathy.
  Simple Back Stretches

Join Physio Paul with some simple stretches to help ease a stiff and achey back.
  Simple Foam Rolling Exercises For Runners

Join Sports & Rehab Therapist, Will, as he demonstrates some great foam roller exercises for runners.

  Achilles Tendinopathy Early Stage Rehab

Join Sports and Rehab Therapist Will for a series of exercises for early stage Achlees Tendinopathy rehab.

  Foam Roller Workshop

Join Physiotherapist Paul for a 30 minute foam roller workshop. Tackling 10 key areas, Paul will guide you through the best areas to target, how to foam roll most effectively and different techniques you can tray to ease tight, sore areas. Great for warm ups, cool downs, self massage, injury prevention and recovery.